A Day at the Fair

© 2013, 4-H WorldWideWriters.Ink Club

A boy in a hat with a girl by his side
Asked mother to take them along for a ride
Father did join them so off to the Fair
They went and they wondered “what would they see there?”

Nine hundred and eighty-two girls and the boys
Some working with pets – some playing with toys
A club with ten cats without any hats
A rodent club boasting six species – no bats

Eighty-eight clubs reside at the Fair
It's Somerset County's 4-H that does care
They care for the kids and help them to grow
To be caring and sharing and well in the know

Cages hold rabbits going hippity-hop
Some ears perk upwards while others do flop
Mighty Cavies and Rodents we hold in our arms
Being furry and cuddly adds to their charm

Sixty thousand people – twice that in walking feet
Half with rumbling bellies – half thirst from the heat
Pretzels, dogs, burgers, falafel and chips
Ice cream, fries, soda – we're now licking our lips

We've eaten our food and are walking the Fair
As helicopters fly way up in the air
Six of them dashing and twirling around
Oops! I think one has just crashed to the ground

Seven Movie Masters with hundreds of flicks
Soon winning Oscars by unanimous picks
Green with envy are Quentin and Scorsese
As new films will make viewers go crazy

Drifting aromas of something delicious
Master Chefs brewing up something nutritious
Shooting stars zip by in night's beautiful sky
Astronomer's scopes add hope to their eyes

Hoof beats echo thru stalls in the stable
With chaps and some spurs young riders are able
To ride and to canter outside in the ring
We sit in the stands; we feel we should sing

Dozens of engines and hundreds of cars
Hauling cargo and people to stations afar
On fifty scale miles of track they do run
As thousands stop in to look and have fun

Thirty-four Trainmasters blowing off steam
Horns, whistle, bells – stacks puffing – wheels scream
The Theatre Club's actors did read and rehearse
What WorldWideWriters.Ink gave them in verse

The Clover Ensemble we watched as we sat
And saw them perform in a cape and some hats
Nine young performers in costumes they stitched
We think they were hot – as some of them itched

Sidewinders’ tent has frogs, lizards and snakes
Some snakes are longer than three wooden rakes
Four turtles, a tortoise, some lizards and more
There’s even a critter that climbs up the door

Eighteen and under, the next club’s for you
Join if you wish – then race with the crew
You don’t need a license to race and have fun
RC Club cars – they run and they run

Cars driving around by the push of some buttons
See races and all – at the Fair it costs nothing
The drivers push down hard on the pedals
Hoping to win a prestigious gold medal

Fanatics snap Fotos wherever they go
Looking for signs they go with the flow
Ten thousand photos are taken each year
You’ll never know when their cameras are near

World Wide Writers Dot Ink creates what is best
Their stories are marvelous – their minds never rest
One tale read out loud had a boy made of cheese
We cried out with laughter and fell to our knees

Seventy-five kids who love Japanese
They know what is ko and eat noodles with ease
Anime’s CloverCon in May or in June
Raises funds for 4-H with their books of cartoons

Lights have come on and there’s even a moon
Some Kountry Kickers will dance for us soon
Chinese Culture club gives out something to frame
In calligraphy form they’ll draw up your name

This day had the adults electrified
And none of the children were terrified
We saw sheep and goats and cars on a track
Sounds of all kinds - but not even one quack

Reptiles, sea creatures – some that I like
Weak venom – be careful – that snake can still bite
Some of the clubs had names that were funny
Pocket Pets had pigs, hamsters and bunnies

Here Tomorrow plants – Maniacs have Legos
Fiber club knits – and Robotics use Servos
Radical Rodents and an Udder club too
At times we thought this looked like a zoo

One dozen World Writers with ink and some quills
Make works filled with mystical, magical thrills
We walk as we spoon soft yogurt supreme
No need to stop by a shop for ice cream

Our feet are now tired and muscles quite sore
Tomorrow we think we’ll come back for more!

© 2013, 4-H WorldWideWriters.Ink Club