How We Prepare For
A Day At The Fair

© 2015, 4-H WorldWideWriters.Ink Club

The goal of 4-H each year is the Fair
And many must wonder, “How do they prepare?”
Each club has its own requirements plus
New ideas and projects they need to discuss

A meeting each month and sometimes each week
Create club agendas they constantly tweak
So that when the first week of August arrives
Displayed are achievements to thousands of eyes

One hundred thousand eyes – and most likely more
Will wander the Fair grounds to seek and explore
Inside each tent and inside each stall
To check out each club with a, “Let's see them all!”

For Cavits and Rodents – here' s what they do
To show off all of their creatures to you
Dozens of animals - Dozen of cages
No other club has been like this in ages

Bring in your hamster – Join with your rat
Don't bring in your cat or your cat may get fat
The cat now dejected for being rejected
Looks for a club where fun is projected

Cat wanders the rooms, the gym and Fair grounds
With woof-woofs all around; fab labs can be found
Lots of hound dogs - groomed and trained for the shows
He can't guess who will win; 'til then - no one can know

By-passing the dogs, our cat leaves with a stare
And spies water and hay for some animals' care
Among all the cattle there may be a calf
One steer is a whole, a calf is a half

Moo, Moo! Why is it that our Betsy won't move
Now what should I do to help her improve
Washed and brushed; smells fresh as new if I scrub
All the mud off - if she'll get into the tub

Canned food he can eat, but a cow is too big
Our Cat thinks that now, he should look for a pig
Moving along Cat hears sizzles and pop
He thinks he's found a good place for a stop

The Advanced Art of Film-making is now good to go
To work to prepare for the movies they'll show
An aroma of popcorn will waft through the air
To attract many guests from throughout the Fair

The chairs are all lined up in row after row
Tickets are printed to enter the show
Members put up the projector and screen
How else can they show the films to be seen

Hustle and bustle at Cloverbud Theatre
Artist and leaders set up for the feature
They're almost ready; lights, camera, action!
Come one! Come all! To see this attraction

Film directors get up and shoo Cat away
Their roster is filled; they take in no strays
So Cat moves on for a club that's just right
Then something he heard gave him a fright

EEK! A girl shrieked and jumped-up on a chair
How in blazes did that spider get there?
Hey! Watch what you're doing; watch that fly trap
I don't want my bugs to get zipped when it zaps

A sting or a zap would be bad for our Cat
Who quickly ran on to a place nice and flat
Zoom, zoom! And off they go - ready to race
RC cars, go-karts - at a pretty fast pace

Propeller, check! Engine, check! Landing gear down!
Planes fly, engines buzz, as they loop all around
Young pilots can't wait for their day at the Fair
To fly model planes as spectators stare

Tuned up planes and cars and revving-up engines
Guessing the winners, builds up the tension
Our Cat grew tense too as he thought what to do
And then bolted away to find a new club or two

One by one modules get built – new members then shout
“We now can join in - the giant layout!”
Once test trains are run – “slow down, it isn't a jet!”
They display and landscape, Now everything's set

Models get painted and glued – some piece by piece
Hands must be kept clean of oil and grease
The Cat took one sniff and got barely a whiff
Then he moved on, so his hairs wouldn't get stiff

Hydrogen molecules , whales that are blue
A mad world of science is waiting for you
They show what is hidden and hide what is seen
Once all is exposed – this tent will be keen

Bzzz bzzz and real quick – best cover your ears
The Bee Club raises the bees that you'll hear
Making combs very neat all covered in honey
No worry we say; cat jumps – very funny

Cat next scoots by the Battlebots table
All seems as intense as Cat seems unstable
Competitions too tough – each one is a fight
Somewhere there must be a club that's just right

The tack is all polished and bridals are buffed
But boy that horse looks so dirty and rough
With a drop of good soup, that muddy, brown bear
Will soon transform into a beautiful mare

The days are so bright; the skies are not gray
Jumpers practice with rope, “They're coming our way!”
The Cat looks for some yarn, but can't find a ball
They're made for display by the Sheep Clubs new stalls

Cat meandered so sadly at Fall's Open House
Yet he could find nothing – not even a mouse
Near leaving he saw that which did give him pause
One club yet remained: Whiskers, Paws and Claws

With owner in hand, the Cat is content
To sit with the Llamas inside their Fair tent
He'll play with the big boys who'll do him no harm
They'll even keep quiet as he purrs and he charms

Now bring on the boy with the girl at his side
They can come to the Fair – exposed to the pride
And see all the wondrous things that were done
To present a free Fair for everyone's fun

© 2015, 4-H WorldWideWriters.Ink Club