The New Jersey Children's Writer's Guild

John (Jack) and Sheila Wright are Co-founders of The Children’s Writer’s Guild (CWG), a New Jersey non-profit dedicated to promoting excellence in children’s literature and improved literacy for both children and adults.  Through critique groups, workshops, writing competitions, events, and its literacy initiative, CWG enables both seasoned and aspiring writers to further their craft while gaining a better understanding of the ever-changing aspects of the children’s literature industry. Jack is presently working on a book of poems for adults entitled One Pure Thing to be published by Amaranth Press.

Jack and Sheila have volunteered to speak at the FIRST Writers, Artists & Illustrators Convention on April 26, 2014. The Guild has also supported WorldWideWriters.Ink from our earliest days, including sponsorship of the WWW.Ink club T-shirts, which proudly display the CWG name and logo on their backs.

The Guild is also involved in the World Book Night annual program aimed at giving away 1-million books in the USA and the United Kingdom to help promote reading. The event is held annually on April 23rd (Shakespeare's birthday).

You can learn more about the Guild at :